Cocktail Menu

Lounge Recommends

  • Apple Pie
    Old J spiced rum with vanilla, pineapple and “apple pie”.
  • French Martini
    Vodka shaken with Chambord black raspberry and pineapple
  • Kentucky Toast
    Jim Beam double oak with Galliano and some fancy bits and bubbly stuff.
  • Porn Star
    A contemporary classic: Vodka with passion fruit and vanilla. Served with a caramelised passion fruit and side mini vanilla bellini
  • Espresso Martini
    A late caffeine boost with vodka, dark cacao and the usual suspects.
  • Mojito
    Captain Morgan white makes this a cracking summer classic built Don Facundo’s way. Ask your mixologist for seasonal flavours.
  • Lychee Cosmo
    Cosmopolitan redefined with a hint of lychee and citros.

Classic Cocktails

  • Long Island Iced Tea
    4 speed rail whites with triple sec, sour mix and cola.
  • Martini
    3 measures of spirit, shaken or stirred to your taste, in and out with dry vermouth. Try a Vesper with both gin and Stoli and a dash of Lillet
  • Side Car
    Courvoisier VS with Lounge sour mix and Orange cognac.
  • Margarita
    Gold Especial with Bols and house lemon mix. Try a top shelf Margarita with Patron Rapasado Silver and Grand Marnier for £10
  • Negrino
    Quite simply, Campari, house gin and sweet vermouth. Built over ice with orange.

Old Fashioned Cocktails

  • Makers Mark Classic
    Maraschino cherry, zesty orange and angostura bitters. Brown sugar crushed in, stirred to perfection with a block of ice.
  • Hibiki Old Fashioned  
    A firey breath of Old J spiced. Aged, rare Japanese whiskey with the classic ingredients, enhanced with Bols cherry brandy and a hint of orange cognac.
  • Smokey Oaky
    Smokey bitters, Bols cacao and Jim Beam double oak.. Manuka honey to taste and the zesty orange.


  • Hot Toddy
    Famous Grouse Scotch, lemon, honey and ginger. Served hot
  • Jimmy’s Oaked Remedy
    Jim Beam Double barrel oak, lemon, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla hot water and honey.

Signature Cocktails

  • Lemon Drop
    Limoncello with vodka and sour mix. Garnished with a sugar rim and maraschino cherry.
  • Rum N’ Raison
    Dark rum with almond and chocolate. No actual raisins here.. A mirage for the taste buds!
  • Strawberry Lace
    Strawberries with neutral spirit, sour mix and Bols crème de fraise.
  • Jaffa Cake
    Think chocolate, think orange...

Rum Shack

  • Mai Tai
    A tiki classic. Light rum, orgeat syrup, fresh juices and grenadine. Layered with Captain Morgan Dark.
  • Dark & Stormy
    Presented as the name suggests. Old Jamiaca ginger beer, lime and dark rum.

Bill's Corner

  • Shirley Temple
    Ginger beer, grenadine and cherries
  • Virgin Mojito
    ...just without the rum.
  • Fruit Loop
    Strawberries, mint, pineapple and ginger ale.

Nutritionalists won't recommend

  • Brandy Alexander
    Brandy, cacao brown and half and half.
  • After 8
    Chocolate and mint with Baileys
  • Grasshopper
    Cacao white, menthe green and vanilla infused half and half
  • Golden Dream
    Galliano with white chocolate, triple sec, orange and cream


  • Sours
    Choose your base spirit or liqueur and we can shake up any sours cocktail. Challenge your bartender to be creative!


  • Classic Bellini
    Prosecco with peach.
  • Fraise Royale
    Prosecco and strawberry.





We have sourced some of the best wines on the market so you can enjoy a premium product for a fraction of the price.  Our world travelled master of mixology has complied some of the best tasing cockails as well classics and signature creations.